We First Experience Change as Loss

The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors. Tony Robbins

We are all fond of saying change is inevitable – but that does not always mean we seek it, we welcome it or we enjoy it.

The problem is change is built around loss.

You generally have to give something up to get something new.

It may be you have invested in a new phone. Suddenly the old keystrokes no longer work and you are frustrated, having not yet mastered the new applications. This is not so much change as a ‘Transition.’

We are in the process of giving up old ways, old methods and familiar situations to seek new beginnings, to increase performance and to improve the quality of our life. The transition happens as we move from the old methods to the new and yet unlearned methods. We enter what William Bridges in his book Transitions, calls the ‘Neutral Zone.’

Bridges appropriately defined the Transition … as starting with an Ending and Ending with a Beginning.

The transition is about risk and opportunity.

The risk is to accomplish change we have to give up the old and familiar for the new and untried. The opportunity is we will learn new skill, find creative ways to solve old problems, and discover a whole new paradigm.

We have to have courage, confidence and conviction – and drive forward!

The reason change feels like a loss is because we are generally moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar, transforming from expert to novice, and leaving … at least temporarily … our comfort zone.

Every beginning is a consequence – every beginning ends some thing. Paul Valery

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