“There is a time for everything…” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

It probably sounds strange to describe a speech or a presentation as a time management issue. But in practice the greatest challenge for the speaker is to bring his or her speech in on time, and never, never, never compress and/or shorten the conclusion. This would be similar to telling a long and funny joke and them simply leaving off or rushing the punch line.

As you watch the time during a presentation it is far better to adjust by shortening the body of the speech to protect the time required for the conclusion.

Every speech is different but the general breakdown requires managing 5 time elements.

  1. Total Time for the Speech
  2. Speech Introduction
  3. Speech Body
  4. Speech Conclusion
  5. Question and Answer Session

The most effective allocation of time using this approach is:

  • 20% Speech Introduction
  • 50% Speech Body
  • 20% Speech Conclusion
  • 10% Question & Answer Session

If this were a 20-minute Speech this would translate to…

  • 4 Minutes – Speech Introduction
  • 10 Minutes – Speech Body
  • 4 Minutes – Speech Conclusion
  • 2 Minutes – Question & Answer Session

This may seem somewhat pedantic, but it is vital to bring the speech in on time, to comfortably accomplish your speaking goals, and to be able to manage your time so your conclusion and memorable closing is delivered with confidence, with clarity and with conviction.

Managing your speaking time will provide this platform for success.

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