For those of you who don’t know, the Life Stylized team went to Schroon Lake for a weekend of planning. We stayed in an amazing house on the lake with our friend and colleague George P Kansas. If you haven’t met him yet, you are in for a treat. He’ll be part of our team here as we go forward in 2012.

We communed with our food and our ideas, we ate amazingly well, we laughed a lot… and we occasionally got stuck in the process… of planning. In the end we had a powerful year planned and lots of exciting events to support you in creating your most amazing life.

The experience was incredible and if you do this for yourself I guarantee it will dramatically move you forward in ways you can only imagine. If you have been putting your dreams on hold and know that having planning partners as part of your success process is important (and for most of us it is), clear your calendar and join Sierra and I for Envision Your Perfect Year happening this Saturday here at the center.

Sign up today, you will be glad you did!