The Five Languages of Confidence:#1 Body Language

The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.  Konstantin Stanislavsky

One of the amazing and slightly cautionary realities is when communicating with another person – body language accounts for more than 55% of communication! Only 7% is communicated by the words being used and 38% comes from the tone of the voice. Wow!

So how can you tell what the other person is really thinking and how can you be sure you are communicating the right message?

In life, in business, in relationships Body Language is the method of communicating, which we respond to emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Fortunately Ronald K. Smith, “Rono,” one of the four principles partners of LifeStylized, Saratoga, has combined his knowledge, his experience and his unique skills to create a powerful program called, “Poised and Profitable.” This program specifically for women is built around what he describes as the Five Languages of Confidence.
These are:

  • Body Language
  • Face Language
  • Image Language
  • Voice Language
  • Mind Language

This extraordinary program, will positively transform your life, instill great confidence and provide you with the tools to excel in whatever endeavor you are focused upon. More on the free events, free videos and the workshop later.

So why begin with Body Language? Simply because as soon as people see you they begin interpreting who you are, what you stand for and if they like you or not.

Did you realize that in a brief glance, lasting less than 5 seconds, is all it takes for people to form a strong opinion about who you are based upon your posture, your appearance, your dress, your body language, your demeanor and your mannerisms?

5 seconds!

So the question is what image do you want to project and how important is it to you to turn the tables and figure out how the other person is reacting, feeling and responding to you?

Of course – effective body language is vital for success in any field and particularly in relationships.

Rono will teach you all of this and so much more. Here are 10 Body Language Tips you can apply for success in meeting people…

  1. Walk forward with an upright stance
  2. Focus on the person with enthusiasm
  3. Think positively – this is vital
  4. Make Eye Contact & Smile – Authentically
  5. Stand arms length away
  6. Fully face the person
  7. Subtly mirror body language
  8. Stand tall and relaxed
  9. Breath through your nose
  10. Lean slightly toward others as they speak

To learn more about the Poised & Profitable: Five Languages of Confidence event series and limited attendance workshop*, PLUS to receive the first free Body Language Video CLICK HERE, and sign up.  Its free!

* Free Live Event, to be held on January 7th and 12th at the LifeStylized Center at 444 Broadway, Saratoga Springs.  Limited attendance main event to be help January 13-15th.