After several months of hiatus, we are kick-starting Power Circles for Women once again at its new location, the Life Stylized Success Center!

Lots has shifted and birthed over the summer for me and the many women who have been touched by the power of circle work in this extraordinary women’s group.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been one-year since I moved to Saratoga from LA and hosted my first Saratoga Power Circles for Women.  I have met so many incredible and courageous women along the way.

I am deeply moved by the numerous successes that have happened for the women of this tribe.  Over the past year we have witnessed…

• Complete strangers create deep bonds and lasting friendships.

• Women rekindling lost romance with their husbands (Go Debra, Go Karen!)

• Women making powerful shifts into their receptive feminine energy resulting in more joy in their work and home life.

• Three amazing women who came to circle on a regular basis step powerfully into their dreams of moving to a city that feels more aligned with who they are because they were able to express their dreams in a supportive environment and be seen, hear & encouraged. (shout out to Carolyn, Ellen & Andrea)

I could go on and on!  These stories are just a few of the amazing things that come from the power of a gathering in an intentional space with like-minded women.

Circle work is a huge “tank filler” for women. It is truly the most profound and easily accessible tool that we have for our personal transformation. Are you willing to show up and explore how circle can empower your life?

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