Marianne Williamson

We are all inspired, and perhaps somewhat intimidated by an impressive, professionally delivered and well organized presentation. We are inspired because in most areas of our lives many of our conversations and much of our communication is in reality a form of presentation.

Having made keynote successful presentations to hundreds of professionals without major difficulty I found conversations with my teenage son endlessly challenging. What was I doing? Trying to persuade him, often with minimal success, that my ideas, my viewpoint and my experience made a curfew and entirely logical and reasonable idea. Hmm … You can see where this is going!

Hillary Clinton

“Woodrow Wilson was once asked how long it took him to write a speech. He answered, ‘That depends. If I am to speak 10 minutes, I need a week for preparation. If 15 minutes, 3 days. If half hour, two days. If an hour, I am ready now.’”

We are intimidated perhaps because we lack confidence in our ability to command the stage, to organize our words and materials, to win the hearts and minds of the audience, and to be seamlessly in control of a persuasive message? We are generally unimpressed when seasoned speakers all declare it took time and experience to gain their command of public speaking.

Fortunately, the team at Life Stylized has put together an impressive program called Authentic Expression From Any Stage, specifically designed for women, led by Rono, Sierra and Kevin, with the inspirational guidance of professional speaker, author and coach, Gayle LaSalle.

This one day program, held on Saturday, October 15, is designed to get the novice started and organized for a great presentation and to add sizzle and electricity to the more experienced presenter. It is designed to give you increased confidence on or at any stage of your life.

Maya Angelou

Four coaches, with literally thousands of presentations in their portfolios, a small group, and a dynamic, interactive program, is a wonderful opportunity to develop your skills and hone your speaking/presentation abilities.

Join the ranks of the greatest female presenters of our time… Marianne Williamson, Hilary Clinton, Maya Angelou… and let the “Success Team” at Life Stylized support you in making taking you to the next level.

Note: To create the best learning environment this workshop is limited to 20 people.  Upon the posting this blog several of the remaining seats have already been taken.

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  • Event: Authentic Expression From Any Stage
  • When: 10am to 6pm – Saturday, October 15th
  • Where: Life Stylized Success Center,
    444 Broadway, Suite 302
    Saratoga Springs, Ny 12866