It is interesting in life how simply being born automatically makes us members of several groups? We are by default and without consultation inducted into categories with people of theoretically similar attributes. Our parents, often inadvertently, deposit us to into a melting pot of ethnic, cultural, religious, economic, social, city, state and national stew. We are instantly certified with a proof of purchase (birth certificate), then given numbers, cards, identification codes, taxable status, insurance documents (if we are lucky), and various arcane data points, all ensuring we are registered, traceable and on call at some undisclosed date for various membership duties and/or additional fees?

Hold on a minute! Who signed me up for this stuff?

Interestingly Groucho Marx provided an objective viewpoint: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”

Fortunately the Life Stylized Success Center is here to rescue you from any dilemma or confusion you may be experiencing by providing you with Membership in an organization, which is completely dedicated to your best interests.

The team at Life Stylized, having listened to feedback, comments, and suggestions have put together a series of groups and program, which are all about personal growth, health and wellness, self awareness and self esteem, and life and business success.

To make it easy to experience each group, to find one or more that may meet your needs, we have created a very attractive, cost effective membership program, which will allow you to participate in any and all programs you would like to experience. A slight disclaimer here … some of the groups are dedicated to women and some to men, and while you are welcome to drop into these groups as a guest (depending on your persuasion) the majority our groups are open and available to all.

So why not consider the opportunity to take your life in another direction, to meet and brainstorm with like-minded people, and to enjoy a positive and productive exploration of your future and all of the possibilities it contains?

This is a great opportunity, unless like Fred Allen: “If I could get my membership fee back, I would resign from the human race!”

Article by Kevin Carey