(This post was inspired by the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce newest marketing project- the Saratoga Lip Dub)

If you’ve ever read my bio, you will know that I refer to myself as a grassroots community organizer.  This comes from my family roots as well as my passion for creating community wherever I go.  To me, life is not worth living unless we have others to support us and share in our lives.

In my 10+ years of coaching and gathering with women, one of the most talked about and sought after life experience of women is to connect with a community of like minded individuals. Humans are tribe people and we THRIVE through connection with others. We are not meant to be “lone rangers” or to live in isolation. To feel like we belong is one of our most core and common human desires.

Since relocating to Saratoga Springs one year ago, I too was seeking community.  I had gone as far as I could to create and enjoy my semblance of community in the extremely vast and spread out city of Los Angeles but I was missing the preciousness that comes from living in a smaller city much like the one I grew up in (Oswego, NY).

After only a few short weeks of arriving in here, it was obvious that Saratoga Springs offers something very unique and special. This town is a thriving city with culture, creativity, coolness and an array of things to do and places to eat, along with a true commitment to and cultivation of an amazing community.  Upon our arrival, my husband Rono and I were instantly welcomed with open arms and warm smiles everywhere we went. It was beautiful and much needed after 13+ years of big city living.

Today I am excited by what I continue to see and experience from this city and the people and businesses that make up this extraordinary community.  This city has made it easy for me to settle in, to express my passions, to bring my life coaching work to its citizens and to join with the many eclectic entrepreneurs that give our beloved Broadway its flavor.

With the Life Stylized Success Center, our life coaching and community event center located just above Wheatfields restaurant, we fully intend to continue the cultivation of community even more by offering the people of Saratoga Springs a place to come together to learn, grow, connect and be empowered to live life to the fullest- in all areas of life and business!

My partners and I hope you’ll check us out by attending any one of our life changing group classes!  We look forward to meeting you soon!

PS- Check out the Saratoga Lip Dub Video to see what I mean about this awesome community!!!