“90% of Success is Just Showing Up”
– Woody Allen

For many years, and much like most Americans, I defined success in terms of financial and material gain. I’ve spend more than half my life downplaying my achievements because I felt that I still had much farther to go to be truly considered a success.  I felt like a failure more often than not because I was living up to a false reality of what I now understand success to be.

In my efforts to achieve, I pushed away the reality of what I had already accomplished because I was living up to a standard of success set by society.  I never questioned what success really meant until I faced the demise of my magazine business last year. At that point I had to truly come to a deeper understanding of what I want to create in my life and what would be the most sustainable, healthy and happiest way to get there.

I am now clear that the real meaning of success comes not from achieving but rather in receiving.  In my feminine power work, this is what I teach to women who have gained so much in the material world and still feel empty and unfilled on the inside. When we can slow ourselves down long enough to look around at all that we have created (or see what we truly want to create that is yet to come) we can redefine success on our own terms. By redefining our meaning of success, we  have a bigger opportunity to create success in a way that fits each of our unique gifts and dreams.

So what is your definition of success?  And how might we support you?

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