A New Day

This morning, Rono and I got back to our morning power hour which consists of 20 minutes of stretching and yoga, 20 minutes of movement and dance and 20 minutes of silence and meditation. This has been a practice of ours that has come and gone in our life depending on how busy or distracted we let ourselves become.

Getting off track from this routine can happen as easily as waking up late one morning and missing out on one or all of the 20 minute segments. If even one piece falls by the wayside (especially meditation for me) then soon the whole power hour goes out the window and within a few days or less we find ourselves out of flow, distracted, disconnected from ourselves and each other, and caught up in struggle.

By the time one or both of us realize what has happened we are usually at the point of extreme frustration with life (and each other). Thank God we have seen this pattern enough times to now recognize that in neglecting our morning “ritual”, we feel and see a tangible effect of its loss in our daily life. Once we become aware of what is happening, we are able to re-commit to ourselves and to the routine that supports us subtlety yet so powerfully.

So today, we recommitted. We gave ourselves permission to go to bed sooner, to wake up earlier, and to focus on caring for our bodies and freeing our mind. Maybe it’s the closing of summer, the shift in temperatures or the energy of focus that comes with each September as school begins again for everyone around us. And as coaches who have “life” lesson plans to offer and share with our community, it is imperative that we take excellent care of ourselves so that we can bring the best of ourselves and knowledge to our clients and students.

To guide others on their journey is an honor and a privilege and it takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline (or warrior focus as we like to call it) to keep our own minds clear and vision strong. To be a good teacher is to lead by example and through that example,  inspire others to their greatness. At Life Stylized our mission is to do just that; be true to ourselves as your coach and offer you all of the learning, lessons and knowledge that we have acquired through our commitment to bettering ourselves.

So today is a new day for Rono and me. We feel more committed to our path and to our dreams. Having given ourselves the gift of connection to body and soul this morning, we see the possibility, more than ever,  of what is to come. In this we have deep gratitude for our community, our clients and our success center.  What are you grateful for today?

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