Healthy Me

I like to think of myself as very healthy. I noticed recently that as soon as I veer off of my usual healthy practices it gets challenging to see clearly what the point of being so healthy is. I start to enjoy this treat or that indulgence and before you know I’ve created a new lifestyle. After a few days I don’t feel so well. A little sluggish or unmotivated, bloated, achy, and darn I can’t stop thinking about food! The less I eat the less I want to eat. It’s common knowledge that the more we eat of the not so good stuff the more we want to eat it…and there are scientific reasons for this.

So I encourage a balanced way of life that includes all of the wonders of food and with awareness and choice making, so when the urge creeps in you actually enjoy it. And when you get the, I’m hungry even though I just ate bug, you ask yourself – what’s up!

Some pointers on how to maintain healthy eating and other habits:

1.  Think about food ahead of time – not choosing is choosing, only passively.
2.  Eat when you’re hungry – don’t eat when you’re not. When was the last time you felt hungry?
3.  Recognize what you are trying to stuff. Like your voice, your emotions or other stuffable things and take care of it.
4.  Love yourself no matter what.
5.  Get back on track with your well-being.

I had a NIA teacher who after a life of self-deprecation when looking in the mirror had a miracle happen. She decided to love her body and lost 10 pounds over night. Try it and see.

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