This morning I got out of bed at 10am.  I came downstairs and made myself a smoothie with kale from my friend’s garden.  After I fed Winston Bear, I went out and picked a bunch of flowers from my new garden to brighten up my new home. The sun is shining and it is a glorious NY summer day!

Sleeping in this morning was such a gift.  It’s the first chance I’ve had to rest in a while. Life seems to be coming back together for me after many months of upheaval.  We finally have a house of our own to call home again (and it has solar panels on it!!!). Our coaching business is growing steadily and we are helping more people than ever before. We are just about finsihed with our Success Center renovations and I am feeling excited for all the amazing programs we have planned for the amazing community of Saratoga Springs.

Last year at this time, Rono and I were literally deconstructing our life by packing up (and selling) our belongings to get ready for our move to NY. After a very adventurous, eye-opening, challenging and growth-filled year, I am feeling like we have finally arrived.

We are rebuilding our life and business from a more empowered place. Our vision for a place to connect community is alive. Our dream of a sustainable lifestyle and home, has manifested. Our partnership is more in alignment than ever before and I have this inner knowing that we are definitely in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time.  It’s a good feeling and it took a tremendous amount of the following three things to get to this lovely place…

1. COURAGE-  to follow my hearts truth even when it made NO sense. To understand that there is always a reason for the experiences of life and to find the opportunity in every “crisis.”

2. TRUST- that no matter what my circumstances may seem, I am always provided for. What I seek will be manifested if I allow the flow of the universe into my life.

3. ACTION- constant imperfect action. Being willing to take risks, say yes, and keep on trucking toward my dreams.