Put Yourself First.

I have been so on the go lately that each of my “life balance” practices have slowly slipped out of view.  Little by little I found myself eating non-supportive foods, starting my day without taking time for meditation, going to bed without stretching, spending more time working and less time playing and on and on.

Skipping these tank fueling activities once or twice may not seem like much but when I continue to neglect them, putting them (and me) LAST on my list, what ends up happening is an eventual breakdown.

Just like a car,  if you don’t keep proper upkeep… eventually you might just blow a gasket!

Listen in as I share my recent experience and ah-ha about the need to put myself FIRST again. 🙂


Please share some of the things you need to do to keep your internal engines running at optimal speed.  And make sure you put yourself FIRST!


  1. I have put a schedule together for everyday. It includes 2 hours for me. To go slow in eating, breathing and being. To exercise, laugh and play.
    I am valuable enough to value myself.
    Thanks for creating the space to bring this out!

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