Bliss Reigns!

I am continually amazed at the amount of struggle that I have in my life.  Things will be going well for a while… hours… days… weeks and even months.  Then all of the sudden WHAM;  the brakes go on and bliss come to a screeching halt.   Why is it that the good times don’t last for ever or at least longer than a few moments?  Could they possibly last forever?

In zen they talk about being in the moment and staying present to the ever changing balance around us.  When conscious of this practice I find that things just happen and my periods of bliss last longer.  I find this at times easier when I am the only person to worry about.  When another person is involved my abilities to remain present become WAY more difficult.  It almost feels like I have to manage their energy too.  I am learning that this is not entirely true and absolutely not helpful to cultivating a great relationship.  I cannot manage anything except my own personal involvement with every moment and situation.  When I stay true to self and focus on my own personal moment I win.  A benefit to this win is that it does shape the other person as well.  Not through managing them but rather by being the example.  I “BE the person I want to see in the world”.  When this is how I live every moment, going with the flow instead of fighting the natural ups and downs of life, bliss reigns.

Be well,

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