As Evolution (my VoxPop Band in LA) finishes our final meeting there is a quiet hum in the air. No one is really talking but individual thoughts are thick. Personally I ponder the efforts it took to get here. After years of personal “evolving” could I still not be successful? I have seen what I consider success with this group, my business and my personal life but if this were true then why do I feel like no matter what I do I am still not quite were I want to be… not successful.

Reflecting on the week spent in LA I am starting to notice patterns in my life. Patterns that turn out to be unsupportive and ineffective in creating the life I desire. When I continue to ignore my involvement in the creation of these patterns then I continue to feel unsuccessful. When I shift and become aware of the pattern I feel free and I become successful.

The first step is to recognize my own patterns. When I do this a signal gets sent to my inner-self and a splash or change occurs. From this splash a ripple forms and an opportunity is born. I get this next moment to choose. Choose success or the lost empty feeling that keeps me from my greatness. The only problem I face when I choose success is this mean I have to take100% responsibility for my life. This decision for me can be heart wrenching and seem impossible to achieve. I must say though, if you can get over the fear, the real magic happens and the feeling of lasting success anchors itself into your being. This is what I have experienced every time.

When I choose to take 100% responsibility for my life I win. Have I been able to take 100% responsibility every time and in each moment? Heck no but 75% percent of the time is still a passing grade. And who knows maybe tomorrow I will hit 100%.

Keep Rockin’

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