Just Let Go

One year ago I officially called it quits on The RAY magazine, a business that I had built from the ground up with all of my heart and soul. Despite all outward appearances of success, I had been struggling to make ends meet for some time and it was taking it’s toll on me in every way. I had no choice but to let go. So I did.

When I think back to that pivotal point when I painfully knew it was time to let go of my beloved magazine, I was so deep in the tunnel of fear, guilt and shame that I could not even imagine what was possible in the light of the exit. I had NO idea that on the other side of that tunnel would land me on an entirely new coast and adventure in love like no other!

Somewhere in that release, I picked up momentum and rapidly shot out of the dark. My life quickly went from struggle, overwhelm and loss to freedom, adventure and love. Within two months time I found myself married to my life-long friend and business partner Rono and suddenly we were living in our home turf of upstate NY in an awesome new city filled with amazing possibility. Two months after that, my new East coast women’s community was in full bloom which lead to the formation of a core council of women who helped me to create the first ever, Saratoga Women’s Fest, a city-wide festival which launched with incredible success this past March.

Just as I was taking some much-needed down time (something that is highly supportive to the manifestation process) another opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream popped up. Conversations began with a group of local life coaches to open up a coaching collective in downtown Saratoga Springs. In just a few short weeks of this initial idea, we had easily located the perfect space and found ourselves signing our new lease in the same week I had decided to let go of The RAY!

Upon reflection of this incredible year and the extreme range of emotions and experiences I’ve had along the way, I share with you this wisdom…

Just when I thought my world was ending, I surrendered and it opened up beyond my wildest dreams. Just when I touched on the edge of what I perceived to be failure, released my grip and found expanded success. Just when I found myself feeling far away from my LA community, I deepened my connection to my new community who welcomed me with wide-open arms. And, just when I believed that my life purpose would always overshadow my ability to find true love, my heart broke and through the cracks I could see that the love of my life was right in front of me (and always had been).

I had been so clouded by my limited view of what I thought my life was “supposed to be” that I was unable to see all the possibility before me. Shutting one door was all it took to unlock the many more that awaited me.

As Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Is there a door begging to be closed in your life? Do you trust that in closing that door you may find a grander more welcoming entrance to your life? Are you willing to find out? I was and I know you are too. Just let go.


  1. Sierra, Inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing this. Cindy

  2. Arrived at your site through Reddit. You already know I am signing up to your rss feed.

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