Blossom time!

The trees have blossomed and the flowers are in FULL bloom today.  It’s amazing what a metaphor Spring has been for my life.  This is truly the first full Spring I’ve experienced in over 13 years (in Los Angeles, we don’t really get a true Spring).  So it’s been wonderful to witness and experience the earth moving from dormant and still to blossom and re-birth. It’s given me great hope for the things I am working through and creating.  Much like the many new creatures and plants that have sprung up, there are many things are up at once for me.  Where will I be moving to? What will my next month look like?  When is my next client coming and who will it be? Will I travel back to LA in June? What do I want to write about?  What shall I wear today?

So many questions, so many possibilities.  And for this moment, I am inspired by the beauty unfolding everywhere around me.  Nature has smiled and I am smiling back!

Inspired by a poem shared with me by a friend and client….

“Come quickly —  as soon as
these blossoms open,
they fall.
This world exists
As a sheen of dew on flowers.”

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