Is Your Soul Account Overdrawn?

Sitting in my living room on a rainy day… feeling down on my current situation, I came across this article- Is your Soul Account Overdrawn in Aspire e-magazine and it helped me to remember who I am and the purpose of what I am here to teach other women.  It’s as if I could have written the article myself.  However I didn’t because I’ve been in soul depletion mode.  Working overtime, giving myself and my services away… not exercising nearly as often as my body (and soul) needs it, complaining about life and feeling like a victim. In one sentence-  I a have simply NOT taken the time I need to take care of myself and feel my very best!

What has this cost me? My happiness, my health, my flow, my freedom.  So now I am being asked by my soul to sit and face myself on a level I am extremely uncomfortable with.  I need to look at all the places I put myself in overdraft mode energetically and beyond… and make immediate shifts to bring my life force back into positive.  I have to go beyond my “circumstance” to really bring forward the true essence of who I am and choose self-love over self-pity.

Despite every excuse I have for why I feel the way I feel, it is up to ME and only me to move myself from my internal mess (messy mind, messy beliefs, messy feelings)… into a more successful and liberating (and fulfilled) place.  There is no THERE… no where to run to, no where to hide.  Here I am faced with my own messy, human existence. And yet I feel the shift already happening inside. Just by bringing this moment to an honest  light…I feel lighter. I feel more free… and I can see the path to my higher self beginning to illuminate.

So off I go- to walk in the rain and feel the slushy mushy beliefs begin to shift and bloom inside me… anew!

Rainy Day image by ~nayein

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