How’s Your Faucet Flowing?

Hey there party peeps!! Just found this lovely lady (Gabrielle Berstein) from our good friend Mastin Kipp ( In this video Gabrielle speaks about the faucet that flows through all of us and creates life. She explains how good things like financial abundance, great relationships and so forth are naturally part of who we are; our birth right in fact. The problem that most of us have though is our faucets are clogged. When we have negative thoughts, doubt or fears they create build up in our faucet which then causes it to flow less freely limiting our awesomeness and the amount of “fab” that we could receive.

How freely are you flowing? Are you feeling help back at the moment? Check out this video and let us know if it was helpful. Also let us know how we could help you clear out some of the muck and let your life start flowing again.

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