The Tulips are Breaking Through and so can YOU.


I’ve recently been on an emotional journey. How about you? After Saratoga Women’s Fest wrapped up, I just needed a break. My husband had gone back to LA for another round of gigs with his band, Evolution and I was “left behind” to endure more cold weather, take care of the home and our two dogs (one of who is a grandma and on her last legs). Needless to say, I was not happy about this situation and because I was extremely exhausted and overworked, I proceeded to have a good, proper breakdown…and breakthrough!

It took my moment of despair to help me see how I am 100% responsible for the circumstance of my life and make much needed shifts! I was able to see where I had not been taking care of myself in the ways that keep my spirits high and outlook positive. I had once again, turned to my more masculine side of DOING and had neglected to nurture myself. The result? An extremely upset and volatile little girl. No fun for ANYONE.

So, with some good solid coaching from my support systems, I was guided to turn inwards. I had to change my inner voice in order to shift my outer environment. I had to learn to retreat right from where I still sit- in upstate New York, in this town, in my home and in my own being. So I did. And I had the breakthrough I needed!

I am back to myself again (thank God)- stronger, more empowered and more loving of myself and my husband (he’s thanking God too).  🙂

I’m not saying it was easy, but it is always worth it…as long as we’re willing to do what it takes to make the shift AND allow ourselves to be supported. As one of my favorite mentors says, “you have to do it alone, but you can’t do it by yourself!”

So, if you resonate at all with this message, reach out to me at I am here to support you and I know that you are ready for a breakthrough too!

Enjoy my new video on three instant ways you can breakthrough TODAY!