What is holding YOU back?

The sun is shining and I am feeling that much closer to my own Inner Light today!  It’s been an interesting and emotional few weeks for me as I’ve finally slowed down enough to let some raw and real emotions bubble up.  It took a lot of my strength and courage to face myself this past week.

Since completing  Saratoga Women’s Fest, one of my biggest dream projects to date, I have had to face myself on a whole new level. The more I step toward living the life of my dreams, the more I am asked to step up to my higher self. It seems the two are intimately connected.

I’ve watched my mind get in the way way too often… and my thoughts have made life very hard for me.  I see that this is just a protective layer to my own growth and now that I have taken care of myself and slowed down enough to SEE what the true issue is, I have come back to myself.  And it feels great!  And one thing I am happy about TODAY… is that I am wearing my “skinny” jeans again!

Learn more about this in my short and inspiring video below…


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