Arrived in LA yesterday after many transfers and delayed flights. I enjoy traveling so it was no bother. I find it funny that the one time I make an appointment just after my  flight was scheduled to arrive, luck would have it that of course this is the ONE time that my flight is delayed! Piss poor planning!

So I woke up this morning feeling good about the day. Meditated already. Went for a run and already started making money. Found a 1997 penny on the ground. I AM A MONEY MAGNET! Cha-ching! Baby! (Side note: After 2000 pennies stopped being made of copper.)  So this penny was worth even more than the newest pennies!  Booya! Pennies cost too much to make… more than their value. Crazy how at some point or another everything becomes obsolete. Even human life.

It is time to evolve my friends.

Catch up later.